Secret Superstar- A befitting tribute to Mothers and Motherhood

Insiya Malik, a young teenager aspiring to become a singer lives with her mother Najma, a brother, a grandma and an abusive father. Insiya's mother is her tower of strength, but her father is anything but that. He is biased,violent and churlish and doesn't approve of her aspirations just because she is a girl. After returning from an official visit, the first thing he asks is 'Guddu kaisa hain?'.Guddu is the couple's only son and the apple of his eye. Insiya is not greeted at all or inquired about. And this indifference on his part is shocking. But Insiya is persistent and resourceful and doesn't let her father's non approval hinder her. She records her musical videos and takes them to the internet where she becomes a sensation and gathers an amazing response from everywhere, including Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan), a cheeky and audacious music composer. How Insiya manages to meet Shakti Kumar, with a bit of help from her best friend and her mother forms the rest of the story.

Secret Superstar is a story that talks about the attitude one must have towards a dream and the pains a mother takes in fulfilling that dream for us.

“Sapne dekhna toh basic hota hai. Itna toh sabko allowed hona chahiye”,(Dreaming is a basic thing and everybody should be allowed to dream) Insiya says - and in reply Najma says,“Maine kaha tha mujhse maang, zindagi se nahin” (I had told you to wish for something from me, not from life). This highlights Najma's immense support to her daughter. What's most beautiful about Secret Superstar is the climax which springs a huge surprise.The heart warming climax will leave your eyes moist and Zaira Wasim's heart felt performance keeps you hooked throughout the film. This massive follow up after an incredible debut in Dangal is no mean feat and Zaira is an absolute treat to watch. Debutant Advait Chauhan (the director) taps into issues like domestic violence and makes a strong case for women empowerment with this unconventional Bollywood venture.Kudos to Aamir Khan too for backing a project like Secret Superstar. He sidelines himself and lets Zaira Wasim shine in this beautiful saga of emotions, heartbreak, disappointment, violence, and triumph.

Secret Superstar is a film that got a decent response in India but shook the Chinese box office by surpassing the collections of Dangal and made Aamir khan a bonafide superstar there. But most importantly it put forth, a mother's wish to see her daughter succeed and the part she plays in making it happen.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

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