Song of the Week

Here we are with our new venture, song of the week.

Songs are an inseparable part of our life. Every time we get some free time, or even when we commute, we can’t but plug into nirvana with the songs we love (we are not advertising BoAt though! :D). Though individual tastes differ, music is always universal in its appeal.

India is a land of diverse cultures. The music thus generated from each culture is also different. We often get stuck to a particular school of music, or to those songs that are written in particular language, or to a particular genre. I consider myself lucky because my hostel life showed me the beauty of all these different cultures, all the different genres of music, and the sweetness that lies therein. For example, I have a Tamilian bestie, who is a carnatic music buff, who was part of a brass band, and he loves EDM. (Ya! I know, that’s a crazy combo!) I never knew Mahesh Raghavan(The EDM guy of India), before 2019. Cometh 2020, his songs top my Spotify playlist. Thanks to this bestie of mine. So that is about my journey into the expanded world of music.

Here are some quick points:

1.Obviously, we encourage suggestions from our readers. You can suggest songs to us (Using Insta handle, FB, etc.). The team will listen to them and take a call on whether they can be published or not. If one of them is published as the song of the week, you get the S.C.(Suggestion Credits :D) Repetition of mistake is a sin, but repetition of a song is not! There is a high chance that you might have already heard the song that’s being suggested, but Hey! it’s worth a repeat :D

2. We are neutral to language, genre and school of music. So you get a mix of everything, and you are free to suggest anything.

3. Comments and compliments are Boost and Bournvita for us. Please do share your valuable feedback with us. We aspire that this venture reaches to maximum number of people. So please do share the joy of music with your friends and family.

4. Other than this, if you want some personalised music suggestions, the team is available.

Now, coming to the First post, The Song of The Week: Well, the first post is a tribute to the person who was responsible for the dramatic change in the landscape of Indian Film Music: A.R. Rahman. I recently re-visited this song and even 26 years after its release, it still sounds so fresh! I wonder how Rahman sir managed to bring in such a beautiful and detailed instrumentation in early 90’s. The tune is just mesmerising and Unni Krishnan just breathed breeze into this song. Look out for the presence for strong yet sublime Mridangam beats. Plug into it and enjoy the magic.

Check out the Youtube link here:

Find the Spotify link here:

Tune into them, share your feedback and also your suggestions for the next song.

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