Song of The Week #2

Well, as the world is busy in gearing up to celebrate Mahashivarathri (You expected Valentine's Day there didn't you? :D) and the love birds are getting ready to celebrate Valentine's day, we at Celluloid Tales gave it a serious thought as to which song shall make it to the Song of the Week this time. As I was making the valentine playlists, I stumbled upon this song and boy! This struck me like a Thunderbolt. Let me tell you why.

It is a common scenario in the world where we see two singles meet, mingle with each other and calls it quits when they get bored with each other.



Often we come across couples who broke up and ask them the reason for it, most of them complain about each other, some even say, "Maybe, we never loved each other". Was the feeling false? Was the joy false? Was the longing for the blue ticks and replies from fiancee during the WhatsApp chats false? The same name, that would evoke a thrill in the body and a gush of hormones, evokes a feeling of sorry and hatred. Why is it so?

If we analyse carefully, the single answer that emerges is: 'The lack of true love'. Though it might not be the reason every time, every reason can be mapped to this in some or the other way. Where there is true love, there is understanding, there is patience, forbearance and selflessness. And when all such qualities are present, you can love anyone in the world till you live, without breaking up. Actually, the meaning of love itself changes for you.

Now comes the big question, What is True love? This song precisely answers the question. I don't want to make any commentary on the lyrics of this song, for they are absolute gems penned by the great Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry Garu. I did a rough translation of the lyrics for non-Telugu readers. I beg you to read it, for the message conveyed is universal in nature. Sung by none other than the legendary SPB, this song weaves a web of magic in our heart. How well does he emote when he sings! DSP should be appreciated for putting such wonderful lyrics and expressive voice into an appealing tune with impressive instrumentation.

No further delays, please go ahead and hear this song, and revel in the magic of love in a musical way. Happy Valentine's from Team Celluloid Tales

Link for translated lyrics:

Link for the song:

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