Stop everything & watch this insanely brilliant Kannada movie

For the uninitiated, the movie is Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana starring Raj B Shetty and Rishab Shetty among others. The movie recently released on Zee5 and cinema lovers from celebrities to common audience are singing it's much deserved praise. There are mild spoilers however the experience of this film is far superior to its plot. Here are the 5 reasons the movie was so special to me

1. Martin Scorcese style treatment

This kind of a treatment is very rare in Indian cinema because of its lack of chest thumping high moments but when used with intelligence it can encapsulate audience into the unorganised crime world of Manguluru. I recently only watched Scorcese's Taxi Driver and the treatment of GGVV seems very much inspired. You hopscotch among a lot of conversational scenes that are slowly nudging a character to extremes. In GGVV, these conversational scenes are followed by a commercial scene that just works brilliantly.

2. Commercial yet Artistic

The writing, acting, music and everything deserves credit for being able to pull this off I guess. You have devotional kinda songs in the background when killing is happening, no regular action sequences but goosebumps scenes, locations and the action. Everything seems so contradictory yet complimentary. The resulting brilliance is Commercial yet artistic.

3. The idea of men turning violent

We actually find only one female character in the entire movie & she is the mother of both Hari and Shiva. Rest all is the raging testosterone filled men, taking decisions, facing consequences. But the greatness in the screenplay is that each of those decisions actually have good emotional backing. Everyone including children turn violent towards the end.

4. Mythological references

I always enjoy a very well crafted and layered mythological references because the stories of our historic texts are so cinematic and dramatic that its hard not to like them. The tale is a gangster drama with 3 major characters - Hari, Shiva and Brahmayya. The symbolism doesn't stop just at names, they go deep into their actions, their attire, their beliefs and the resulting narrative is filled with more and more of such elements. Hari & Shiva turn against each other after being two bodies one soul for a long long time that it tugs your heart.

5. Set up but no pay off

An interesting tactic employed in the film is that there are some setups that you expect for a big pay off but actually the writer doesnt give you that happiness. Instead he surprises you with sequences that you least expected to give a goosebumps feeling. All hail the writer! The Tiger dance sequence will not leave your mind for a while.

6. Mesmerising Bromance

The moment Hari realises how much Shiva loves protecting him, the expression on his face, the song in the background, the montages all feel like a meet cute moment of a regular cinema. But, in this it has been used to such unexpected beautifultrack that it is heartwarming and slightly disorienting to say the least.

Do not miss the movie for sure and after the movie watch this deep focus interview.

PS- Let me know if you rewatch the tiger dance sequence.

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