Surya vs Surya - A Breezy Entertainer

A regular college going guy, his gang of friends and a love story. Sounds familiar, right? What about the feeling that such a setup has been done to death? Wrong. Totally wrong. Yes, it’s the same college going guy, his gang of friends and a love story. But with a difference. To listen to our podcast for the same, click

The college is a night college, his gang comprises of an auto driver and a grandfather who owns a kirana store and he suffers from a condition called porphyria. Which basically means that the sun who is the source of nourishment and life becomes his nemesis. In much simpler words, if our man is exposed to sunlight for more than five minutes, it becomes the cause of his death. And that is the basis on which Nikhil Siddhartha's movie Surya vs Surya is made.

If you ask me to choose one actor who hasn’t got the credit that is due to him, it is Nikhil Siddhartha. The stories he brings to the screen are fresh and offbeat, and Surya vs Surya is one such example of an impressive filmography.

College student roles and boy next door roles fit Nikhil like a glove, and it’s the same here. He is relatable as the son whose mother dotes on him, as the guy who is scared to ask out the girl he loves and as the friend who pays all the bills.

Tridha Chaudhary puts in a good performance as Sanjana, Surya’s girlfriend, an ambitious late-night game show anchor who wants to anchor the morning surya namaskar show. And oh yes, she hates night life. In that way, she is the fire to Surya’s ice. Their love story is what drives the story forward. Madhoo puts in an assured performance as a doting mother to Nikhil. But the ones who bring the house down with their antics are Sathya as Arun Sai and Tanikella Bharani as Ersam Garu. The camaraderie between them and Surya are the highlight of the movie. When on screen, they dwarf the others into submission and totally own the screen. Look out for the scene where they try and delay Sanjana. I was literally ROFL during that scene. When you have a movie that has pleasant music, lovely cinematography, a breezy love track and some solid performances, the only thing missing is a weekend. So do anything this weekend, but don’t forget to watch this movie.

The movie is available to watch on Hotstar for free. It is also available on YouTube.

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