Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ is a series that has its heart in its right place

Somewhere in the 9th episode of Season 1, Ted Lasso (played by a brilliant Jason Sudeikis who is also the creator of the show) tells an important statement to all those who criticise others without doing anything worthy of their own. He tells - " Be curious and not judgemental ". Ted's entire character is based on this line and I couldn't agree more with the profundity of such a small line with just 5 words. Just be curious in life with everything that you encounter and you will ask more questions than pass judgements. Asking more questions will lead to more questions and you can enjoy exploring the world through your own perspectives.

Coming to the main plot of the series - Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer. Let me talk about the most fascinating aspects of Ted Lasso rather than this story line that doesn't justify or embody even a fraction of what Ted is and what Ted does.

Despite having no experience in coaching professional soccer or playing soccer he is hired to magically transform the status of AFC Richmond Club. A football club so loved by its loyal inhabitants that you almost feel like RCB fans. No wins for ages but continue to support their home club in all the major premier leagues. Unhappy with the hiring of Ted Lasso the fans even trend #TedLassowanker #wanker and all sorts of mean words on Twitter.

Get this and if you are a true football fan, it will blow your minds out if the Manager of your favourite Football Club doesn't even know completely about Off-side. Ted Lasso is that guy! He asks the referee in the middle of a game to explain him about the off-side rule. Despite all this, you fall in love with Ted Lasso almost instantaneously because he exudes happiness & empathy to every human being that he comes across.

The AFC Richmond team is a crazy mixed bag of players. You have an old player by the football standards who once played for Chelsea and the entire city is proud of him Roy Kent. He is the captain as well. Extremely aggressive on the outside and equally compassionate on the inside. Roy is a kind of a person whose only channel of expression whether it is love, hatred, embarrassed, joyful, etc. is anger. Then you have a prodigal player who is unabashed, indisciplined, notorious, and a big Pain in the Ass for the entire team. You have people from different countries, states, religions, cultures, ethnicities, personalities and Ted Lasso manages to charm them all with his goodness.

He takes advice from the worker at the Football club that he is managing to decide on strategies for big matches. Does that not sound crazy? Wait, here take this. Ted asks the worker Nate to deliver the big speech that must propel the players to go out and win in the half-time of such an important match for the club. They lose this game and they are relegated from the championship. That speech is the prime real estate for any coach in any sports based movie and Ted gives it up to someone who has seen these players up-close from a number of years much lesser compared to what their coach has seen them.

He bakes biscuits for his boss and presents them to her every morning eager to strike up a conversation. He is genuine, full of life, and cares for the feelings of everyone around him known or unknown. He greets the hundreds of Richmond AFC fans with an ear-to-ear smile every time they scream WANKER at him. All of his coaching techniques involve heart games than mind games.

The way they have taken basic known character storylines but added a layer of endearing goodness is what makes you glee with joy. There is a divorce sub-plot for Ted Lasso but it is not like any of your regular divorces, both of them want to be with each other but are unable to. They don't throw things away, scream in anger or torture one another but are very respectful of each other in dealing the issue at hand. You have the storyline of an employee character who is not so cared about by his boss. The way she ends up accepting her mistake and respecting her employee is again dealt in a very smooth manner. These are just a few examples and you will find a lot more like these in the show.

The show doesn't limit itself to only talking about football or the conflicts of main characters. It goes out and talks about some major issues plaguing the society. The way racism, self-confidence, environmental degradation, socio-political & geo-political issues, celebrity endorsements are dealt with such subtlety that they hit you right in the face but with a flower or so.

Ted Lasso is the kind of character that all of us deserve in our lives because he is more heart than mind.

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