Thank you note and a sweet surprise from the entire team of The Psychiatrist

At CT, we believe in the power of perception and we have backed it up with content that stimulated it. What we failed to perceive was the support we would get from you all.

Trust us, we have never been happier to fail. And we can't thank you enough for the love that has come our way. 1500 views and counting.....lots of theories and conclusions, comments and messages, a 200% increase in our subscriber list....all in 2 days!!!! Whoa, those are some big numbers folks.

Our biggest story is not "The Psychiatrist", it is the support you have lent us in furthering our dreams and passions. Keep it going and trust in us, you will be part of even bigger and successful stories.

Just one more thing then. If you loved "The Psychiatrist", please do share it with your friends and family. More people engaging with our content would mean the world to us.

If you have made it this far, thanks again. There's something special hidden in the video. What are you waiting for? Let the perceiving begin.

Cinevore, a blog all about movies has written a review of our short film. If you are interested read it here -

Starring @im_girish_sanaka

Editing @abhishekjayam

Sound design @satyaprasannamallick

DOP @the_dollfingers


Music #rsaiaditya

Written & directed by @saikuabcd

Much Love,

Team CT

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