The 9 lines from Telugu songs that moved my very core being - Part I

These were the lines that made me stop the song, rewind and listen to the same lyrics at least 10 times ( YESSSS!! literally 10 times). They had the power and depth that made me question my belief's, put aside my fears, step up my game, smile and move ahead, transform my perspective, and forced me to strengthen my foundation in Telugu language and literature.

This is just a small list and will come up with a Part - II coz these lyrics contain immense knowledge and purpose. Surprisingly, they fit beautifully in just few words and phrases. I humbly salute at the feet of all these lyric writers for Mother Saraswati's blessings in their thoughts and words.

I will take these lines to the grave with me for the kind of impact that they have had on me. Sublime vedantic and spiritual lessons are hidden in these nuggets of wisdom.

Since, all are in Telugu, I have given a lose ( pun intended ) translation in English to them. Kindly, ignore them if you know Telugu and ponder over each of these lines for a few seconds and you'll appreciate their brilliance.

1. About the futility of war and violence

"Kattula an̄cuna eṇḍina netturu kaḍigē attaru ekkaḍani"

"కత్తుల అంచున ఎండిన నెత్తురు కడిగే అత్తరు ఎక్కడని"

Losely translated into English - Is there a perfume that can wash away the stains of blood on the sword caused by war?

Yeda Poyinadu penned by Penchala Das garu from the movie Aravinda Sametha

2. About the importance of hardworking in life

"Paḍḍavāḍē kaṣṭapaḍḍavāḍē, paiki lēci prati vāḍu, okkaḍainā kānarādu jīvitānni pōrāḍakuṇḍā gelicinōḍu"

"పడ్డవాడే కష్టపడ్డవాడే, పైకి లేచి ప్రతి వాడు, ఒక్కడైనా కానరాదు జీవితాన్ని పోరాడకుండా గెలిచినోడు"

Lose translation - Only when you fall will you get up even in life, you can't find none who have succeeded without fighting life

Chal Chalo Chalo written by RamJo garu from Trivikram's S/o Satyamurthi

3. About Nature and it's relation to us

" Sariga chusthe Prakriti motham manalo pratibimbam, nuvventha nenentha ravvantha, enno yelladi ee srushti charita"

"సరిగా చూస్తే ప్రకృతి మొత్తం మనలో ప్రతిబింబం నువ్వెంత నేనెంత రవ్వంత ఎన్నో ఏళ్లదీ సృష్టి చరిత"

Lose translation - When observed deeply, nature is nothing but a reflection of our within, You and I are but minute beings compared to it's magnanimity

Pranamam Pranaam written by RamJo guru from Janatha Garage

4.About the sacred place Badrinath

" Sudulu tirigi vadiga vurukulethhaga, Chadulu kadigi punya phalamunivvaga Shruthulu gruthulu jathulu gathulu chelaregaa"

" సుడులు తిరిగి వడిగా వూరుకులెత్తగా, చదులు కడిగి పుణ్య ఫలమునివ్వగా

శ్రుతులు గురుతులు జతులు గతులు చెలరేగా"

Lose translation - It will definitely loose it's shine in translation

Omkareshwari Sreehari nagar penned by the Great Veturi Sundarmurthy guru from the movie Badrinath

5.About what is life

" Oke kshanam janminchadam, Oke kshanam maraninchadam Prathi kshanam preminchadam, Ade kadhaa jeevinchadam "

" ఓకే క్షణం జన్మించడం, ఓకే క్షణం మరణించడం

ప్రతి క్షణం ప్రేమించడం, అదే కదా జీవించడం"

Lose translation - All that takes is a moment for birth and death, but true living is when you love each and every moment between those two moments

You're my love song written by Chandrabose from the movie 1 Nenokkadine.

6.About a Girlfriend's company

" Nee parichayamlona pondaa janma maralaa, nee paravasham lona nilicha praana shilala"

" నీ పరిచయంలోనా పొందా జన్మ మరలా, నీ పరవశం లోన నిలిచా ప్రాణ శిలల "

Lose translation - I find new life in your company, I stand still like a statue when you touch me

Yela yela song from Panjaa written by Chandrabose

7.About getting mesmerised by your girlfriend

" Asake Ayuvu Posave Madhumantrama, Reyi Rangunlu Pusave

Nelake Natyam Nerpave Nayagaarama, Gaali Ke Sankellesave"

" ఆశకే ఆయువు పోసావే మధుమంత్రమ, రేయి రంగూన్లు పుసావే

నేలకే నాట్యం నేర్పావ్ నయగారమా, గాలి కె సంకెళ్లేశావే"

Lose translation - You breathed life into my desire, coloured my dark sky, taught dance to the immovable land, and restricted the flow of wind

Muvvala navvakala penned down by Sirivennala Seetaramashastry gaaru from the movie Pournami

8.About man's quest every moment

" Amma Kadupu Odilina Adugadugu, Anandam Kosame E Parugu"

" అమ్మ కడుపు ఒదిలిన అడుగడుగు, ఆనందం కోసమే ఏ పరుగు"

Lose translation - Every step that we take after coming out from Mother's womb, we are searching for happiness

Oke Oka Jeevitham from Mr. Nookayya written by Ramjo gaaru

9.About the extent to which love can go

" Avi brathikunnapudey thoduntayyamma,ni chithilo thodai nenosthanamma Ninnu pondhey thandhukey puttaney gummma, Nuvvu andhakapothey vrudha ee Jhanma "

" అవి బ్రతికున్నప్పుడే తోడుంటాయమ్మా , నీ చితిలో తోడై నేనొస్తానమ్మా  నిన్ను పొందేటందుకె పుట్టానే గుమ్మ , నువ్ అందకపోతె వృధా యీ జన్మ "

Lose Translation - All the materialistic things will not come with you to the grave, it is just my pure love that will come with you across Janmas ( which matches the plot of Movie)

Panchadara bomma bomma penned by Chandrabose from Magadheera

Do you have any such lyrics that moved you to the core? Comment them below and let's feature them in my next article.

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