The Movie Pandemic and How To Tackle It

We know that movies cannot solve our problems directly. But sometimes the ‘right movie’ may have the power to make us forget all our problems for some time. Maybe it can give us that little extra push to deal with our problems. Or even the strength and hope to just wake up the next day and move forward.

But the struggle for the ‘right movie’ is real. Scrolling and scrolling through all the movies, web series, comedy classics, crime thrillers and documentaries for almost half hour and still ending up not deciding on what to watch, really takes away the very purpose of dedicating some time to escape the reality. (Case in point - The current chaotic situation.)

Every single day there are new titles being added to the existing plethora of titles available across various OTT platforms. The numbers are ridiculous. There’s just too much stuff out there. Previously, there was at least a language barrier for most of us, but that barrier is completely broken down today.In this world of infinite options, we risk missing these simple pleasures by constantly searching for something better. This overload of choice* actually leads to diminished happiness when we finally sit down to watch anything.

So, have movies during the pandemic become a pandemic of movies? Well, the answer maybe ‘yes’, but it is up to us to decide to call it a pandemic just like the WHO officially declared the corona virus as a pandemic on 11th of March 2020. How do we handle this overload of choice, especially visual content and escape from the reality and forget all our problems for some time?

Before getting into my 2 point plan to tackle this glut of movies, here are a few suggestions which the Celluloid Tales team themselves have given:

This is a good place to start and you can do so by checking out the "Watch Lists" section on their website. Now, for those two points.

I feel if we take care of the following two points, we can decide ‘what to watch’ quickly and make the best use of our time dedicated for entertainment.

1. Keep a ‘to-do’ list of movies that you want to watch

Every time you catch wind of a new movie or a show from your friends or from some of the lovely people who do the hard work of reviewing them, add it to your list. You may say that this list can be endless, so updating this list of yours weekly or monthly can help in giving yourself time to watch whatever is on your list.

Remember two things while making your list:

· Remember to include movies and shows from different genres so that your entertainment is wholesome and spans genres.

· Understand that watching movies is not a competition. You don’t lose respect if you have not watched movies that your friends have watched or if you have seen comparatively lesser number of movies. ‘Stop Watching, Start Perceiving’ and make the best use of your entertainment time.

2. Set a time limit while choosing what to watch

If you do not have a ‘to-do’ list then setting a time limit for your choices is important. After all, deciding on what to watch is not something like buying a house or a car, it is about how you are going to spend the next couple of hours. If you cannot make a choice quickly it is time to do something else rather than wasting time.

Maybe you could set up a whole block of time devoted just for entertainment and sticking to it. The longer you spend picking a movie, the shorter the movie you will have to watch.

Hope these points help you enjoy your time in the world of cinema and get back to reality to face your problems with great enthusiasm and optimism. Also, we would not need to declare the release of so many movies as a pandemic.

Once again, ‘Stop Watching,Start Perceiving.’

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*Overload of choice is scientifically called ‘The Paradox of Choice.’

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