The Strange Case of Sushant Singh Rajput and us, the people

Note: This is a series of articles by one of our readers Mr Sayee Ganesh where he puts forward his thoughts and opinions on the shockingly early demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. These are his personal views and are in no way endorsed by Celluloid Tales. These thoughts don't intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual or community.

You can call this a tribute, a eulogy or an ode to his unmatchable it what you may. For one, it's definitely that and much more. Also by now, I've come to realize one thing - writing just about him and his talent without shedding any light on the case itself and its developments, would be a trivial attempt - one that I can guarantee would not make for an interesting read!

Another disclaimer - For all those out there (the so-called liberalists) all ready to attack with “There are matters that are more pressing and demand our energies than a death” - yes, I agree with you, but partly. Still his death, I would say, has affected each of us in an inexplicable yet very poignant way. Most importantly, it is about a section of the society that represents the young and the promising "Coming-of-age" talents with their hopes of reaching the top.

Sushanth Singh Rajput - An "Outsider"

I would begin by saying that it's high time we stop perceiving our movie stars, however much of a movie fanatic we maybe, of being bestowed with super-human and out-of-the-world abilities, able to metamorphose their reel life personas into real life. There is nothing ever that can be as deceptive as this. (And if you think I am exaggerating here, just try going for a South Indian movie preferably one of Rajini's, Mahesh Babu's or even a Balakrishna's for that matter down South and you'll know what I mean). I personally don't and cannot buy into this stardom culture simply because it is anything but logical. Actors, according to me, are nothing more than just professionals or employees in their own field, albeit with a lot of limelight on them. That's it. They can, at best, be either very good at their craft or very bad or just mediocre at it. These “out-of-place” observations will make sense to you soon.

Recently, I had come across this news clipping which by now has become very viral (thanks again to this man Mr Arnab Goswami) that showed how an extremely talented and a very charming personality, namely Sushant Singh, was at an event or promotion. One thing that was very evident while watching the entire video was the manner in which he was treating the people were around him, either fans who agonize him for a selfie or those on the roadside, such as hawkers or just some beggars. And his reaction to each one of them and the manner in which he moved with them, irrespective of who they were or what they were, was something very heartening to see. He not only obliged to each of their requests but the respect and empathy that he showed to all of them, are some of the many things that we can learn from. Thanks to this and many such similar incidents, it helped me understand what they, the "Movie Mafia " (borrowing Mr Arnab's own words) mean when they refer to Sushanth as an "Outsider". No doubt he definitely was an "Outsider" - in every sense, simply because one couldn't actually find anyone else in the entire industry, or in any industry for that matter, who came to be as modest, as unpretentious as Sushanth. No wonder he has and still continues to receive such love and support from across the country and the world. This, and many other similar incidents showed him as the real hero - one that's worthy of emulation and worship.

To be continued...

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