The Tomorrow War - Surprises you enough to like it

The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt, written by Zach Dean and directed by Chris Mckay is a science fiction action drama that has the entire humanity at stake 30 years in the future.

Somewhere in 2051 humans are fighting a deadly alien species that seems to reproduce faster than anyother creature on this planet. These creatures referred as WhiteSpikes are one of the most horrifyingly designed creatures that you will ever see. They have got white spikes, tentacles that shoot venom, smell blood from a mile, and most importantly hungry. The creatures have no other objective but to satisfy their hunger. Anything living is fodder for them.

In this mad rage for satisfying hunger they have overtaken most of Earth and only 500,000 humans are left on the planet. Unable to fight them with such limited resources, humans from the future ask help from humans in the present to participate in the war and fight against them. Chris Pratt, a biology teacher at high school currently and an army officer in his past finds himself drafted for the transportation. Neither his wife nor his daughter want him to leave but fate has its ways.

Some parts of the films narrative is structured much like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Take for instance the father trying to save the world only to save his daughter is an arc explored with much more emotional impact in Interstellar because the entire events of the climax are directly linked to the daughters bedroom. Like Interstellar this movie too needs a desperate solution to keep the world from getting torn apart and voila! it is the daughter of the protagonist again comes up with the solution. The only difference is in the way this solution is deployed to save the world. In Interstellar it is the father who sends information to her daughter that actually ends up saving the world, here the daughter sends one part of the solution with her father that saves the world. That's where the similarity ends.

The action set pieces in the movie are its major highlights and I recommend you watch it on a big screen with a good sound system. Look out for an action sequence at the end of Act II, it is gorgeous, riveting and insanely epic all at the same time. The VFX team has done such a fantabulous job of capturing the fights with these Whitespikes, the apocalyptic state of the world in 2051 and Deepswell region where the humans base camp is in the future.

The casting is good and the smaller yet important character arcs that come across have been designed pretty well. For instance, Charlie the owner of a R&D firm from being a coward in the first chance to finally stepping up when he gets a second chance. The guys suffering from cancer who wants to die his way gets an emotionally contented send off.

In a way, the central idea of the story also gravitated towards second chances in everyones life to make an impact on the people that matter. Whether it was Chris's father who needed a second chance to give help to his son or Chris's second chance to save his daughter from dying & keep his family intact or Charlie's second chance to become courageous or his daughters second chance to save the world by sending information with his father.

The central theme of the whole story was also trying to communicate that your future is your family and you gotta do anything to keep them safe and free from danger. This emotional undercurrent of the movie couldn't come across as impactful as the action scenes. The movie lacks a bit in writing drama and emotional scenes but more than compensates for it in the action scenes.

A plot like this is sure to have a lot of technical jargon flying around which we least understand. The writing manages to help us navigate it well enough for three fourths but fail the rest. Some questions are left unanswered like who built the Jumplink? Why is it exactly built in such a restricted way to allow people to travel only through 2 specific timelines and nothing else? How did the colony of Whitespikes land on earth? Time travel logic is how it happens in Back to the Future or Marvel Cinematic Universe? How can you fly undetected into Russian air passages when there is no traffic whatsoever to monitor for them? You too will find a lot more questions when you watch the movie but so there were a lot of unanswered questions even in Interstellar.

We don't mind as long as the screenplay is gripping and engaging. The movie keeps surprising you at regular intervals with scenes and plot points that makes for an interesting watch.

Do watch the film streaming on major Indian languages on Amazon Prime Video.

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