To Thalaivar... With love

Celebrating star-birthdays isn't a new thing for us. Right from the days of MGR every star has witnessed the ceremony celebrated in a manner like no one ever has. In the same lineage comes a star who's charisma has captivated strike that... billions across the globe. So much so that he is the only other Indian star to have a documentary on the fans. He is more than just the name, he is a phenomenon, a demi-god - of a kind which I am sure would take a long, long, time to second.

So here goes, Thalaiva, we at CT offer our wishes to you expressing how you affect us.


I still remember... it was for the movie Kabali. I wanted to watch that cult style only on an IMAX big screen. I travelled from my home town to Hyderabad just to watch the movie. Man of style, a man of cult, a living and worshipped god across many states in India, Rajni Kanth Ji. It's bliss watching his style on screen. I was so obsessed that I wanted to travel in the Air Asia airlines which marketed one of its planes with Kabali posters to spread awareness about movie across all the states. Although the movie didn't do that well, for me it was a memory that I will keep with me for a long, long time to come. One of the mesmerizing and legendary actors who attracted people with just his style, actions and dialogue delivery. Very proud to have him in the film industry. Hope we see many more diamonds on the screen. Happy Birthday!

Sai Kumar:

Often my brother and I talk about the fact that Rajini alone is enough for a movie. People don't need any other better reason to flock to the theatres. And it's been the same reason for me too. We, the Telugu audience, have grown up watching all Rajinikanth movies though our stars were completely different. He has a special place in the hearts of a lot of Telugu audiences.

Initially, I was mesmerized by his charisma, style, and screen presence. But as I grew I got to know a lot more of his personality. His humble attitude off screen despite being a world-known star is just hard to even imagine. I haven't seen any other hero who is so grounded.

I will always be in awe of you Thailava. Happy Birthday!

Pranay Sai:

I must confess, I'm not a die-hard Thalaiva fan. But then to talk about him, it is enough to be in awe of him. The crowds he draws and the adulation he commands is, in my opinion, unprecedented.

Thalaiva, for me, will be always 4 films - Basha, Chandramukhi, Shivaji the Boss and Robo. I don't even remember how small I was when I watched Basha.

I just remember being in awe of the person on screen. At that time, I didn't know it was a dubbed movie. It took a lot of time explanation by my Tamil friends to tell me he was a Tamil hero and not a Telugu one.

I felt sad about knowing it, but as the years passed, I understood such a personality couldn't be confined by aspects such as language and region. For, Thalaiva with his stature and appeal belonged to everyone.

Happy Birthday Thalaiva


Rajinikanth has been an obsession for me ever since I began to converse in Tamil. I never understood why I loved him so much. I still remember how I watched Padaiyappa on television. I remember getting goosebumps when he pulled the swing from above his head and jumped to sit on it. I remember almost crying during the scene in Muthu where he is thrown out of the house. I remember laughing my ass off in the scene in Annamalai where he goes, "Kadavule, kadavule, kadavule" I remember being in my elements when he fought off more than a 100 goons in Sivaji - The Boss. I have been spellbound in the way he showed that he is more than just a mass hero in the film Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai. I remember being proud of him when he played his age in Kabali and Kaala. I remember watching him agape in awe, almost drooling in Petta. Thalaiva, what have you not done? Just when people thought you are no more than a mass-hero you did a Thillu Mullu - an out-and-out comedy. Just when the so-called pundits were writing you off as a star who is riding his stardom and nothing more you shut them up with a Petta. I have spent hours of my time looking for punch dialogues, your wink, your way of putting on the coolers, your walking style, the way you throw the cigarette (Oh! Just the thought is orgasmic...), the comic timing, the way you open the gates... Sigh!! Words are not enough Thalaiva!!! Happy Birthday, Thalaiva!! Please stay with us just a bit longer!!


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