Tuck Jagadish Review : Tuck in and Go to Sleep

While watching Tuck Jagadish on Amazon Prime, I remembered the time I was out house hunting with my friends. A landlord had sent photos of his property and it looked so beautiful that we immediately went to check it out. Imagine our disappointment when the house turned out to be  anything but beautiful. Tuck Jagadish is exactly that. The trailer promised a commercial family drama but the movie turned out like a Brahmotsavam sequel minus Rao Ramesh's superb acting and pleasant songs.

Tuck Jagadish (Nani) is the youngest child of Adisesha Naidu (Nassar) and Anjanamma (Parvathi Malaa). Everyone in the family - Rohini, Devadarshini, Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Jagapathi Babu - dote on him. His niece, Chandra ( Aishwarya Rajesh) moons over him but he doesn't reciprocate it. For him, his family is the most important thing in life. So when Veerendra Naidu (Daniel Balaji) ,with whom Jagadish's family have had bad blood for years, threatens to destroy the fabric of familial happiness, Jagadish gets into action. How Jagadish keeps his family safe and together forms the rest of the story.

I love both of Shiva Nirvana's previous films - Ninnu Kori and Majili. Both had strong characters and had great emotional moments backed by some solid writing. In fact, Ninnu Kori is one of my all time favorites. So i was intrigued when Shiva Nirvana was going to helm a massy family drama with his previous collaborator, Nani, heading it. It would also be fun to see Nani in a complete village setup, I felt. But I found myself yawning in the first half an hour of the film itself. The first time I actually sat up in anticipation was well at the end of the first act. Like every hopeful football fan who think their team will get things moving after a listless opening period, I too thought the Tuck Jagadish would get more interesting. Instead all I got was a few flashes of promise with no proper end product.

The supporting cast except Bose Babu (Jagapathi Babu) have nothing to do. It feels jarring to see Jagapathi Babu with a head full of jet black hair. If Rao Ramesh or Ramesh Rao (my house tenant), had played Nani's brother in law, I would have cared less. Naresh, Rohini, Devadarshini, Kishore Kumar Polimera (the sculptor from Care of Kancharapalem) and Aishwarya Rajesh, all are wasted. I felt there was a great plot point involving Aishwarya Rajesh as she and Nani have a conflict of sorts. But it gets fixed easily. The interval bang is predictable but ok. Oh and did I mention, Ritu Varma is also there in the movie. Another amazing actress making up the numbers here.

There are a few good moments in the movie, I'll give you that. Emotional scenes are Nani's bread and butter and he excels in them. That part where he answers his younger niece from behind the shades is an amazing touch and the scene in the rain are great but that's it. In his impeccable dressing and the shades, Nani looks like a dream. But then the movie is anything but that. It is Nani's bad dream.

Bottomline : Watch it if you are not feeling sleepy, you will sleep soon enough.

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