Vakeel Saab Trailer talk - Power Star is back with a bang

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is back with all the swag and style that reminds us of his early movie charm. It takes us back to the days of Badri and Baalu with respect to screen presence and dialog delivery that has shifts in tone constantly.

The celebrations have reached sky high with the launch of this trailer as fans have been waiting for it with bated breaths. Coming fresh is the Twitter trend #VakeelSaabTrailer at India wide no 1, but Telugu cinema fandom is much beyond just virtual trends on Social Media. the director Sriram Venu and producer Dil Raju have attended the Trailer launch celebrations at Sudarshan 35 MM theatre in Hyderabad. The fans went berserk and almost blew the roof of.

Coming to the trailer, one on the face point to be noticed is that the trailer keeps the actual narrative of the movie in the drivers seat adding in masala moments. This was a much needed approach as movie lovers across country criticising the fact that Pawan Kalyan was being celebrated in all the promotional extravaganza starting from poster launch, title designs, song launches, and teaser reviews. The trailer however introduces Pawan Kalyan very late into the timeline and it spends the first major chunk establishing the story of 3 girls.

Second Prakash Raj is also back to Telugu mass commercial cinema after Sarileru Neekevvaru. The actor brings effortless charm to the character and makes for a perfect antagonist to our towering hero.

Thaman's BGM makes a mark as it rises elevating the Leader that Pawan Kalyan is in his single shots, slow motion fight shots and punchline dialogue deliveries. It also maintains a sense of tension as the story of the 3 girls unfold.

Overall, the trailer has all those elements that we ask of a Pawan Kalyan movie. However, we do not see glimpses of Shruthi Haasan in the trailer.

Vakeel Saab is releasing in theatres on April 9th, 2021. Watch the trailer below.

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