Valentine Week Playlist

Well, as the love birds around the world are getting ready to celebrate Valentine's week (and singles making fun of them...:D), team Celluloid Tales is here with a unique concept.

Through this week, we will suggest seven situations that usually occur in every love story and suggest a playlist that suits that particular situation. The situations are:

1. When there is a sweet confusion in your head.

2. Confirmation that it is love.

3. Imagining your life with your fiancee.

4. Indirect proposal.

5. Direct proposal.

6. Accepted/rejected/hijacked (Different songs for all the cases).

7a. Songs for the paradise/heartburn thereafter.

7b. The tribute to Single Pasange. (we acknowledge the existence of singles during this week...:p)

The playlists cover songs from various languages, so that we reach out to maximum number of people. Please do try to hear all the songs, for all of them are gems.

Stay tuned to Celluloid Tales for further updates...

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