What would you do if you were Danny? Would you Breathe??

Breathe - Into the Shadows is releasing this midnight on Amazon Prime video and we thought of giving you guys a heads-up on the first season of this series.

Amazon prime’s Breathe took a hit in right direction. This is yet another story of an unconventional police officer trying to unveil the mystery of some unconnected deaths of organ donors.

Madhavan plays the part of a football coach and a loving father, Danny Mascarenhas, who discovers that his child has a rare genetic disorder called Cystic Fibrosis and is given half a year to live. Madhavan being a loving and poor father, chooses to make a dangerous decision to secure his child’s life which is the whole plot of the story. On the other hand, Amit Sadh plays the part of cop Kabir Sawanth. He is depicted as an emotional wreckage since he just lost his child and is also going through a divorce.

This series portrays an emotional good father turning to bad. This arc makes this story into a psych killer journey who desperately wants to secure his son’s life.

Without revealing too much of the plot, I can say that Breathe starts straight away from the third gear. This story doesn’t waste time in introducing characters and explaining the plot rather it jumps into the main motive of Danny’s love to this child. As Danny (Madhavan) finds out on the first episode itself that his son Josh (played by Atharva) has a genetic disorder that’s causing his lungs to fail him and requires an organ transplant. However, having realized that his son is fourth on the organ receiver’s list and has only about six months to live, Danny decides to take matters into his own hands. He decides to make a “kill list” of organ donors in the city and plans to knock them off one by one in quick succession so that his son can be saved.

This plot runs on an extraordinary concept of organ donation in India which happens on a priority basis, which made Danny run wild as his son doesn’t have much time. In the next few episodes, Danny begins his master plan of searching and executing the deaths of donors.

First three episodes are slow burn, then the story takes its pace and kicks off some interesting scenes which showcase the strengths and weakness of Danny and Kabir. This begins a race between both, where Kabir follows his hunches without having any evidences.

In any case, Madhavan integrates everything together with his fabulous acting skills and his master plan of killing people is depicted perfectly. Amit did a great job by portraying his skills for Kabir, a man in agony, pain and depression. He is an alcoholic and does justice to the role, but the script goes against him. Hrishikesh Joshi plays a fabulous part of a middle-class sub-inspector that stays in your memory until the end of time. Madhavan’s acting will undoubtedly keep you waiting for more. He is the one who elevates the story by his strong gripping emotions and certainly nailed it.

This series got me into thinking, how can someone kill anyone for someone he loves. Can love turn good into evil? I just can’t imagine being in Danny’s place for sure I would have got a thought that Danny just executed. It’s very speculative to think in terms of agreeing or disagreeing. A person going through a lot of pain, fear of losing loved ones might turn good into evil.

In conclusion, I did find the Original Series very entertaining because of its originality, the A+ acting and the way the story pans out. The acting in this series is deserving of a standing ovation and could without much of a doubt compete with any international series. The show raises some discomforting, yet important questions and doubts in the minds of viewers. With some people believing that under no circumstance should one kill innocent individuals to save a loved one, others think certain actions in this show can very well be explained and that these actions can be justified.

Breathe is worth bingeing, it can be watched over a weekend. Start watching to have your mind blown. Also, gear-up for the second season of this fabulous psychological crime thriller which stars Abhishek Bachchan and Nitya Menon for the first time on screen. Mr. Bachchan proudly announced his debut entry into OTT platform in his tweet. Stay tuned on July 10th.

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