Why I'll Be A Suits Lover Always

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I first came across Suits around two years back while preparing for my MBA entrance. There was time to kill and I desperately wanted to start watching a TV sitcom, or rather I wanted to begin watching Game of Thrones, because I had heard it was the mother of all TV shows. I pestered my brother to get me GoT, but he couldn’t and gave me Season 1 of Suits and Castle to watch. I watched them both reluctantly as I brooded over being unable to watch GoT.

Soon the tooth fairy smiled down on me and I got my hands on GoT. GoT was really good and gave me a lot of “wow" moments. And oh yes, I didn’t find the last season as disappointing as it was made out to be. Now that I had finished GoT, I needed another series to watch. And at that time Suits re-entered my life.

Now that I had an Amazon Prime subscription, I restarted watching Suits. You know the thing they say about everything having a particular time and place?I felt that with Suits. The first time over it felt like a laborious watch, while the next time was anything but that.

The stories of Harvey, Mike, Rachel, Donna, Louis, Jessica, Alex, Samantha,Robert and Katrina became my stories and at every point of time, I could invest in those characters. Their victories were my victories and their losses were my losses. For me, character development remains the best part of Suits, and I think many will agree with me.


If you look closely at anything in the world, you learn a lot. Keeping that in mind, the three things that I learnt from Harvey Specter are:

1) Live King Size

2) Loyalty

3) Play the Man, Not the Odds

Live King Size

The next time McDowell’s do an advertisement, they better rope in Harvey Specter to do the honors. For, ambition is Harvey’s middle name. Harvey wants to live a good life and he is absolutely right in that. You may cringe at the unabashed high life he leads, with the luxurious condo, the fast cars and the bespoke suits, but he sure as hell has earned them.

I remember reading somewhere that ambition, and not necessity, was the mother of all inventions. Ambition fuels progress and aids in making our lives better. I’ve heard people say that they would rather be contented than ambitious. Well, I don’t know if you can eat contentment. So, go ahead, and be ambitious. You only have one life, and so, live it well.


In times where betrayal and backstabbing has become commonplace, this quote of Harvey’s brought back into focus the supposedly old fashioned quality of loyalty. Harvey has many flaws, but not being loyal is not one of them. He is fiercely loyal to the people at his firm and will go to any extent to defend him.

There comes a time when your principles are put to the sword and it is at times such as these, that your true colors show up. In the final season, Harvey has to choose between Mike, his former protege, and Samantha, a current senior partner at the firm. He knows Samantha has done wrong and is furious at her, but he doesn’t rat out on her because doing so would put her career in jeopardy.

Play the Man, Not the Odds

I reckon I won’t be wrong in thinking that this is one dialogue that has attained pop superstardom. Ruminate over this, and you get to know this is what differentiates the great from the good.

Harvey’s handling of Gerald Tate from Season 1 and his playing of Louis at the poker table while trying to close Steven Palmer as a client are a few of the many instances of playing the man and not the odds.


As we know, one person can only lift up a show so much. Suits has strong characters that complement each other so well. Harvey’s and Mike’s banter, Louis’ eccentricities, Jessica’s tact, Donna’s wit, Rachel’s fierce independence, Katrina’s kindness, Samantha’s attitude of never backing down will be sorely missed. At times, they are all at each other’s throats, but when the time comes to step up, they all have each other’s backs covered.And it is this quality of being a family that I’ll miss in Suits the most.

Thank you Aaron Korsh for giving all of us across the world such a show that we love and are proud of.

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