Why Syeraa couldn't become the next Baahubali of Indian Cinema?

Hi Guys, so today I’m going to talk about MegaStart Chiranjeevi’s most ambitious project bankrolled by his Son RamCharan. The life story of a forgotten freedom fighter Syeraa Narasimha Reddy.

Here are our top 4 reasons why Syeraa couldn’t become the next Baahubali of Indian Cinema in spite of such strong cast, talented technicians, and heavy budget.

1. Lack of Synergy - The film works brilliantly well in bits & pieces, some epic scenes, and good dialogues. But the screenplay couldn’t stitch together a cohesive narrative of this magnum opus. The combined effect of all the scenes must create a greater impact than the Individual scenes itself. That brings us to our second point that is Scene Transitions.

2. Scene transitions - Scene transitions ensure the continuity of a scene by not letting the audience drop the emotions or miss the flow of thought. If you take Baahubali 2 as an example, the interval fight scene - the weapon used by Prabhas to kill the enemies is the breaking the dam structure. To establish this point, in the beginning of the scene, the camera zooms out from that dam, covers the entire structure, and then pans to Kuntala kingdom. In this way, the audience are cognizant of the dam, and later when the hero uses it, audience will end up appreciating. Same way, at the end of the first song, the shouts of Baahubali baahubali recede and the camera zooms out completely in an aerial shot and pans to the Terrace on which Bijjala deva and his gang are feeling jealous of baahubali’s growing reputation.

3. Character arc - The director couldn’t quite establish whether the character of Syeraa Narasimha reddy was a super human being or a normal human being who hsa achieved Herculean tasks, because Syeraa is not a Superman or Spiderman to suddenly appear when tamanna is about to commit suicide, farmer is being tortured by Briritsh in a firm, read out the letter in front of the british and escape in a jiffy etc.

4. Scene & Character Elevations - I accept some elevations were beautiful and inspiring, but some very good scenes were not elevated well like The Tamanna’s immolation scene through Dance, Hero entry scene( just imagine this kind of an entry rather than the entry in the movie of Chiranjeevi shown meditating under water), Tamanna is stuck in the way of the wild bulls running amok, and Chiranjeevi comes on a Horse and saves her by carrying her on the horse and doing what he did in the scene of guiding the bulls to the water and calming them.

These are some small mistakes that we felt that Syeraa could have avoided or corrected and also not enough promotion in the Hindi market that tanked it from becoming the next Baahubali of Indian cinema.

If you feel that we have missed out any other important reasons, please mention them in the comments section.

Until then signing off, wait for the next MoM (Minutes of Movies)

This post is written by Sai Kumar Manasali.

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