Why “The Shawshank redemption” is the highest rated IMDB movie for the past 20 years?

1. The Story:

The story is based on Stephen king's short story "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" it is completely filled with lot of emotions through out the movie. Andy Dufresne, a banker who discovers his wife is having affair and is falsely imprisoned for murdering both her and her secret lover. While serving time in Shawshank, Andy navigates the ins and outs of prison life and befriends Red a fellow prison-mate, but his calm demeanor hides an inner determination to escape the prison.

2. Emotions:

At the start Andy is sexually assaulted by "the Sisters". But soon after, he finds allies in Red and his friends when he makes a deal with a guard to bring them beers in exchange for helping the guard . Later , Brooks' suicide is followed by a sizable book donation that sets about a movement for improving the education of all inmates. Thus tragedy and frustration is continuously followed by satisfaction and elation. Every frame & scene of this movie exhibits the feel of the desire of a man who wants to be free. Making the movie so relatable to everyone.

3. Hope:

Prison breakout is an utter pleasure to watch. Andy always had hope that he'll get his freedom which made him to plan a prison breakout for 20 years. After all that planning, nothing goes wrong and Andy actually pulls it off. His final trial is crawling through 500 yards of shit - which in my view, earned him his freedom alone. And this coming after ten years in prison and all the good deeds he has done? That has to be redemption. It all just started with a ray of hope struck Andy in the form of a piece fell from the prison wall . As it said all it takes is hope, pressure & time.

4. cinematography:

Iconic cinematography in the film lives with you long after the credits. You can't have a movie classic without some endearing shots. For 'Shawshank', it is that picture of Andy topless in the pouring rain, arms outspread in victory. Although for some others, their favorite is the final image of the movie as the credits roll Andy and Red reunited by the sea, hugging. So maybe it's the enduring characters, the friendships, the deep emotions, or the unforgettable cinematography. So cinematography of this movie is one of the main reasons for calling The Shawshank Redemption" a timeless classic.

5. Final Word:

For a movie to become a timeless classic every aspect of the movie needs to come together and cross the limit of films and establish core emotions in the hearts of the audience. Somehow, it all came together just right for "The Shawshank Redemption". I'm sure it will be a timeless classic for the upcoming generations also. It is movie that we should never dare to miss.

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