Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - 8 Years and We Can't Still Get Enough Of It

8 years of YJHD...

For me, YJHD is a case study of opposites. The opposite of the adventurous life of Kabir and the familiarity & routine of Naina's life; Kabir's extrovert to Naina's introvert; Kabir's Hakka Noodles to Naina's Dal Chawal; Kabir's "Mai sirf rukhna nahi chahta" to Naina's "Life mein kuch na kuch toh chutega hi"; Kabir's "Dhasoo ka light show" to Naina's "Ye solid sunset".

This is a movie that has a special place in my heart for all the right reasons. It's a movie about friendship, about love, about life; all mixed with a killer and heart touching soundtrack. It showed that life's adventures are best experienced when the person/people you love is/are with you through the ride. This is a movie which reminds you of that one trip that you need to make with your people.

Kabir is the wanderlust in us, the one raring to go onto any and every adventure that life gives us. The movie beautifully traces the character arc of Kabir, from the quintessential flirt to the person who finds love in Naina; from the one who wants to experience it all without missing out on anything, to the person who still wants to do so, but with someone by his side. From the guy for whom his bucket list was important, to the person for whom being with his loved one takes precedence. From the person always hot on heels, to the guy who learns to let go and enjoy the present moment.

Naina, personally, was the most relatable character to me - I too being an introvert. From the nerdy girl who was afraid to go on the trip, to the woman who wakes up the gang on Holi with a shower, her's is a transformation of sorts. She showed the world that she has the capacity to be the life of the party; she just needs the right people around. And yet, she is the one who is also balanced, the one who shows and teaches Kabir what it means to live and enjoy the present moment; that it is impossible to get everything in life; that we need to make do with what we have in our hands. Naina is the earthing to Kabir's live wire; the one who grounds him to the present moment.

This is best expressed in the scene of them hugging, when Kabir says, "Mat jaa Naina. Ye yahan achcha lag raha hai". I feel it shows us how Naina has changed Kabir imperceptibly, but definitely. The scene shows what it is to experience the present, to be completely involved in the moment. Once you involve fully, the present extends for an infinity.

Avi showed us that money can never buy friendship, it's more valuable than money. To fight with your friend, but also to patch up. He was that kind of a friend who never showed any outward interest in Kabir's life, but followed every bit of it.

Aditi showed us what its like to wear your heart on your sleeve; it makes you more prone to hurt, but it's the same thing that makes you believe in loving again. She showed us that there always will be a Taran for you, who will be willing to jump into the pool to retrieve your ring.

And Taran showed us that it's not grand gestures that constitute love, but instead it's the small things that make a huge impact - seen when he practiced for that dance so as to make Aditi happy or dove into the pool to retrieve the ring, unthinking of what would happen to his suit.

YJHD is exactly like the box of sweets. Once opened, there is no stopping. Just like memories and just like life. It's a calling to all of us to live our life, to love more.

Rey Kabira Maan ja..

Rey Fakira Maan ja..

Aaja tujh ko pukaare teri parchaiyaa...

Cheers to the Kabir in us who is always on the look-out for adventure, the Naina who ensures that we enjoy the small joys of life too, the Avi who reminds us that friendships are invaluable, the Aditi who reassures us that it's okay to love again, and the Taran who gently says that love is in the small things.

This movie is an ode to all of them in us.

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