YOU : Guess what? It is about you too!

I had watched the preview of this series so many times. Never felt like watching it. However, after one of my friends suggested it to me saying that I would like it, I was intrigued. But man! What a series it is. I can't wait for the next season now. I am talking about You - the web series and not you, dear reader!

This web series deceives you, angers you, disgusts you, awes you, inspires you, emotes you and so on. As much as the series is about the women that the protagonist Joe Goldberg (brilliantly played by Penn Badgley), it is also about you (which includes me as well) - the audience.

Let us look at the premise of this series now. It is basically a psychological thriller about an obsessive, tech savvy, clever, smart, young bibliophile. The creators, Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble decided to take us through the thought process of Joe Goldberg using his own voice. It is this narrative, which in my opinion, the highlight of the series. Penn Badgley's impeccable dialogue delivery is tailor made to fit the character of Joe Goldberg. This show, takes us into the mind of Joe Goldberg, and along with him, it makes us explore our own dark sides. Coming back to the premise, the series is about Joe Goldberg and his obsession with the women he is infatuated with. Now that is enough, for you to know. For the rest of it, GO AND WATCH IT ON NETFLIX!

I am an idealist (Or so I thought till I watched You). I have always been under the impression that, I don't get carried away by the media in anyway - irrespective of the form it portrays the generally accepted wrong stuff. Believe me, I was carried away by the series. This series, affected me so much that I actually believed at one point that killing is right and justified! That, my friends, is the brilliance of the creators.

The series is the screen adaptation of the novel with the same name by Caroline Kepne. The second season too is adapted from the second novel by the same author "Hidden Bodies". I haven't read the book so I don't know how far it has stayed true to the original. So, no comments on that. However, if you like the Sherlock Holmes kind of series, this is for you. Just that the Sherlock Holmes is so much unlike the one created by Arthur Conan Doyle. In this series, he takes us through his observations and findings, thereby saving us the pain of suspense of his observations. Yet, this Sherlock Holmes is way darker than any Holmes book you would have read or movies/series you would've watched. So, happy watching folks. This series is available on Netflix.

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