Zombie Reddy Teaser talk

Well, to say the least, my heart wells in pride at the fact that there is a director like Prashant Verma in Telugu film Industry who is trying to push the envelope in terms of storytelling.

As an Industry, last couple of decades have seen the same commercial potboiler masala movies that I grew up with. Now, it's reached a saturation point.

Thankfully, a new crop of directors have come to the rescue. They are focussed on telling stories that we as audience were starving for long.

While some of them tell stories rooted in realism and build worlds relatable to everyday mundane characters around us, there are others who have taken the other end of spectrum.

Prashanth Verma is one such director. His first outing 'Awe' was a mixed genre movie that told stories about lesbian love, time travel, social fantasy, horror, and psychological thriller rolled into one.

His second movie 'Kalki' was a commercial thriller. Mixed with umpteen mythological references and avatars of Vishnu, it proved his mettle even in telling a thriller in a commercial format.

With his third, he has taken a major leap forward and has come up with a first ever Zombie movie in Telugu ' Zombie Reddy'. Another reason for my pride is the fact that it is set in Kurnool (my home town).

The teaser starts with a narration that says -

"The saying, Human beings are embodiments of God has long lost relevance,

Human beings have become true embodiments of demons

Endowing human beings with intelligence is

God's biggest mistake in an otherwise splendid creation

As that intelligence has put us in the face of imminent danger"

Set in a post apocalyptic world destroyed by COVID-19 and overtaken by Zombies, we see shots of desolate villages being burnt, survivors wearing advanced masks, and a lot more.

We see a bat hanging on the tree signalling impending calamity, and a dove flapping its wings signalling hope. We also get glimpses of the lead cast fighting these zombies with panache.

Some of the frames were jaw dropping and make you watch it twice because its being mounted on a modest budget by even Bollywood standards and they have managed to pull off such visual grandeur.

We even see shots in which Teja Sajja is a gamer and a Hanuman devotee saving the world, Anandhi taking over the weapon from Kali maata, and Daksha firing up a machine gun killing the zombies to bring back normalcy and peace. Overall, the teaser only raises expectations with its top notch production values, interesting screenplay, and we for sure know the detailing in Prashant's movies by now.

However, the teaser doesn't specify any further dates of either the trailer or the release.

We are really thrilled and excited after watching the Teaser. You can watch it here

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